Information Concerning Worship Services, Preschool, and GROW

Letter from Pastor

New worship services will be added on Wednesdays and Sundays. View other worships services on Trinity Lutheran Auburn, IL YouTube channel


    Trinity congregation and its individual members will be bold in Reaching Out with Jesus’ Love to all people.


    People will respond to Jesus’ love and give glory to God by…

    + believing in Jesus as their Savior,

    + growing in their faith in Jesus, and

    + serving others with Jesus’ love.

  • LCC K9 Comfort Dog Dinah

    For a visit contact Hank Barrington 622-6569.

    Follow Dinah on Facebook at DinahComfortDog. To learn more about LCC K9 Comfort Dog Ministry visit

  • A-LERT

    Auburn Lutheran Early Response Team is available to assist in recovery efforts following a natural disaster. Check back here for information about upcoming trainings.

    Follow this link for basic information about a personal Family Emergency Plan.