What Our Parents Are Saying.

"We have loved the experience that Trinity has brought our son."

"I am so pleased that we were able to send our daughter to Trinity. She loves going and we enjoy watching her skills improve. She has really blossomed in this environment."

"This preschool is truly a blessing! The teachers are wonderful at helping my child learn and very caring and patient!"

"This is the best pre-school. We are so blessed to be able to send our son here."

"Couldn’t be happier and feel more blessed by this pre-K program! Our son loves school and it's because of the Christ-like environment that he is in."

"This has been the warmest pre-school atmosphere that I have seen in my parenting experience. (I have dealt with three different ones in the past.) I am so thankful my daughter is here."

"My child loves attending school. Since he started he is better at home and I see lots of improvement with letters and numbers."

"This is a great preschool program. Both Mrs. Todt and Miss Tracy are excellent teachers. My son talks about them often. Also, the pick up and drop off provided is much appreciated, very helpful. Thank you for all that the teachers and church do for our preschoolers!"

"This is a wonderful program. We are truly blessed with loving, caring teachers."

"I'm beyond pleased with the quality of this preschool program, and I feel blessed that my child has the opportunity to spend a few days a week with such caring and loving teachers. If a friend were looking for a preschool in the area, I would recommend this program in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for the love you show my child!"

"Your program is wonderful! We have been extremely pleased with the content of the curriculum, the balance of faith education combined with academics and especially Mrs. Todt and Miss Tracy. They are loving, kind, and excellent at communicating with parents! I especially enjoy the monthly newsletter! Thanks so much!"

"Trinity's preschool is an awesome learning experience. It forms a solid Christ-centered foundation for young children who are so eager to learn. The children are loved by the teachers. They learn the love of God and they learn to love and forgive each other. Trinity preschool provides a strong academic beginning for future school success."

"We are amazed by how much our son has learned! He has come so far socially and is really ready for kindergarten academically. We have been so pleased with his spiritual development as well. He loves school! We will miss you so much!"

"I feel blessed that we chose Trinity Lutheran for our son. The amount of growth and maturity that he is displaying is vast compared to when he first started. He will now sit down and color, draw, and write his name (or attempt) for an hour or so at a time. He is extremely happy and loves school, his teachers and friends. Both Mrs. Todt and Miss Tracy are excellent and really creative with their teaching. We could not be happier."

"This is our second year in the program. The curriculum is challenging, yet developmentally appropriate. I love the opportunities for field trips and learning outside of the classroom!!"

"We couldn’t ask for a better preschool for our children to attend! We are so blessed to be able to send our child here, and we recommend it to everyone! Our first child attended this preschool and grew leaps and bounds. Educationally, she was more than prepared for Kindergarten. Socially she became more independent and developed skills to make friends. Spiritually, she was able to learn many Biblical truths to tuck into her heart and take with her. Our son is enrolled this year, and is learning how to behave within a classroom with warm and caring teachers that can appropriately guide him, which is exactly what he needs. We LOVE Trinity!!!"

"We have been extremely pleased with this preschool program. We feel that if effectively prepared our first son for kindergarten and will do the same for our second son. At the same time our children were shown great encouragement and kindness and how to be followers of Jesus. Thanks so much for all you do!"

"Extremely happy with program and teachers. I truly believe this program is the best in the area. Mrs. Todt and Miss Tracy are absolutely wonderful, loving, caring educators! Transportation is also very helpful. I am amazed at my son’s development in such a short time!"

"Our child loves coming to school everyday. She loves all her teachers and activities. We can see a huge difference in her academic and social skills! Thank you."


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